Heather and Josh (Joshwahhhhh) have been in front of my camera many times and I was happy to see them again a couple of weeks ago to document their growing family at Tanglewood Plantation when Josh surprised Heather with a family shoot :-).

In fact it was 5 years ago almost to the day when I took their engagement photos….

"SC Wedding photographer"

Their girls are adorable little firecrackers and both have completely different personalities but oh I loved how they loved me and my camera. Right from the very first run-and-hug I received to the very last ‘here’s a leaf for you’ gift, these girls had my heart. I think the photos I took captured the very heart of this family. Love, laughter and “oooh, a squirrel”…… LOL Every minute was something new and I hope they continue down this path. I love them all……