It takes a village……..

As I got to the hospital last night to capture Cristiano’s entrance into this world, I was in awe of Sarah, his Mom. With her husband deployed in Korea and soon to be on his way home, she had arrived at the hospital earlier that day in labor almost 4 weeks early. Together with her Mom, a sister, a friend, myself taking photographs and doing the ‘count to ten’, and a team of dedicated and amazing professionals (Dr Campbell, his lovely smile and lots of happy nurses!) Cristiano was born into his mothers hands…… Sarah even cut the cord herself – all while her husband was watching via FaceTime and not missing a thing!

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, being present at births is something I do not take for granted nor lightly. It is a wonderfully emotional moment and I am beyond grateful that I am asked to document this time.

I can’t wait to capture Cristiano during his first year….

 "SC Newborn Photography"