Before I returned to South Carolina, I met up with Vicki and Sam in Columbus, Ohio – they are clients of mine who are getting married on New Years Eve!

We headed over to The Ohio State University campus for all the photographs as that is where they met.  Sam was a swimmer and Vicki was a lifeguard so we started over at the pool.  Sam gave me the background on his proposal – He told Vicki that a friend of his had left something back at the pool and they were going to pick it up for him.  When they entered the pool area, music was playing, and Sam had his proposal  emblazoned on the big screen over the pool – she said yes!

Once we’d finished at the pool, we headed over to the “Horseshoe”.

Trying to get a laugh and we ‘almost’ failed! 🙂

It was a fun day and I am sure their wedding will be just the same! Can’t wait to end the year in such a way!