When I took Kelsey and Ryan’s engagement photographs last year they told me that the land we were shooting on would be where they were building their home and having the wedding.  What they did in the past year to make this achievable was nothing short of amazing.  They have a GORGEOUS house  surrounded by cotton fields and a pond and trees – just so picturesque and the PERFECT place to hold their fun wedding.  It also has a wrap around deck to watch the glorious sunsets/sunrises!   The weather was absolutely gorgeous – just the right temperature, sunny with a few clouds here and there, just a photographer (and a bride and groom’s 😉 ) dream!

There were TONS of personal touches to this wedding.  Hand made signs, the bride wore pieces of lace from her Mom’s wedding dress in her hair and on her shoes, homemade apple/peach and blackberry pies, even the boutonnières were handmade using the cotton and other bits and pieces from around their fields while the bride was getting dressed! Oh and did I mention they had a drone flying about taking aerial video/photos? It was quite cool to see the event take place from up in the air 🙂

They also did a ‘First Look’ making this my second wedding this year where the bride and groom have opted to do this – This gave us PLENTY of time to take fun photographs and for them to have more time to enjoy time with their guests!

Just a lovely, lovely day all around. Kelsey and Ryan have LOTS of fun people in their lives who made both Kelly and I feel VERY welcome! The dance floor was FULL the whole night thanks to the ever awesome Scotty G! Enjoy the photographs!