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How long are you with us?

Depending on which package you book, coverage that applies for each will be carried out 🙂

Will it just be you covering my wedding day photography?

I ALWAYS have an assistant with me but if you choose a package that includes a second photographer you WILL have two excellent photographers covering your day. For example, during the ceremony, while I am at the front of the church capturing you walking down the aisle, my second shooter will be capturing you from the back.  One of the many advantages of having a second shooter is that you get coverage from many different angles which is great when there is so much fun happening.

Do you have back-up equipment?

Yes.  I have replacement camera bodies, lenses and flash units.

Do you offer hourly coverage?

I do.  I charge $250 per hour with a minimum of 5 hours. This would fall into an a la carte type of coverage where you would get the coverage, the disc of images, etc., at separate pricing.

Can I give you a shot list?

The only shot list I require is for the family formal photographs.  I’m not always aware of family dynamics and if there is any tension that might occur because of placing someone close to someone they’d rather not be with then having a shot list helps.  We typically take approximately 15-20 minutes from start to finish with the family formal photographs assuming that everyone who is on your list is there at that time.  This is where having a second shooter/assistant comes in handy – good for rounding up aunts, uncles and grandparents who have wandered off 😉

How about the eleventy billion photos I have pinned to Pinterest? Will you take all those?

Aaaaah, Pinterest.  A photographer’s nightmare and friend all in one. 🙂  What I suggest is for the couple to send me their ‘Pinterest Board’ and I quickly make note of which shots they want.  More often than not, the photographs are impossible to re-make because the dress/location/church/details/bridal party are different.  What looks GREAT in a snowy field in Wyoming doesn’t translate too well to a humid 103 degree cotton field in SC.  So yes, I’ll try and do SOME photos but can’t guarantee to get them all.

Do you travel?

Yes!  I have shot weddings in Jamaica, Florida, Ohio, New York etc.,  So don’t hesitate in asking if your wedding isn’t local to me!

Do you support marriage equality and photograph same-sex couples?

While I haven’t had the chance to yet shoot a commitment ceremony I absolutely DO agree with marriage equality and can’t wait for my first opportunity to cover one.  I *heart* love and who am I to say who can and can’t be married!? So yes, I WILL cover a same-sex ceremony.

How much time should we schedule for photographs?

If you are having a first look we can get lots more photos taken and not be so rushed during the rest of the day. If not, I usually prefer about 15 minutes with the wedding couple and about the same with the bridal party. If you can give me longer then great! If not, no worries, we shall just work with what we have. Families typically take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on who is there and doesn’t need ’rounding up’.   If you can give me longer then great! If not, no worries, we shall just work with what we have.

How soon after do we get to see the photographs?

Typically, you will see at least one photograph either the night OF the wedding (depending on what time we finish etc.,) or at the very least the next morning. I like for the couple to have one good photo for their Facebook page or to send/show family and friends other than all the blurry, red-eye, too dark/too light photos that guests have taken with their cell phones/ipads.

The week after the wedding, I will do a sneak peek blog post highlighting a bunch of images from the day. About 3-4 weeks after the wedding, you will have all your edited images in your gallery for viewing.

How many photos do we get?

This depends on how long your day is. You will be looking at over 400 images either way.

Do we get a disc of images?

All my packages come with a disc of edited images and a print release. This means you can get your images printed wherever you like. I do recommend that prints are made through my professional lab as I cannot guarantee the print/color/paper quality from Walgreens or some such place. The lab I use does carry a guarantee.

What if we don’t want an engagement session?

Engagement sessions are great because it’s a ‘getting to know you’ session for both you and I.  You get to see how I work, you get to feel comfortable with me and I you. I get to know if you have a ‘good side’, what you like and don’t like, and we become friends 😉  You don’t have to have an engagement session but I highly recommend them.  If you absolutely don’t want one, you would choose package 1 or 2 and just add the extras you DO need.

Do you carry liability insurance?

ABSOLUTELY! You should be asking this of EVERY vendor and if someone says they don’t carry it, beware!

What is your payment schedule like?

I ask for 25% as a non-refundable deposit to hold your wedding date. The rest can be made as and when you like, it just has to be paid in full a week before the event. I have clients who have set up an installment plan, clients who got a tax return and used some of that to pay towards the wedding. I am very flexible and try to work with clients to make the whole process easier on them. As I said at the very top of this page, your day is already stressful as it is.

What payment method do you take?

Cash, check and credit cards and wine (just kidding about the wine….. 😉 )

What do we do if we decide we want to book you?

First of all you made the right choice 😉 and secondly, head over here and complete this form. I will get in touch with you and we will meet, talk, and I’ll have you sign a contract and we are good to go!

What if we have any other questions?

You can either call me on 843.861.9880 or again, complete that contact form and I’ll do my best to answer what questions you have!

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